SMM in Hamburg – SIZE matters!

We are continuing our growth, both geographically and with respect to investment in new solutions.


SIZE Matters!


We have world premier for our new VHF74! Big brother to VHF73. VHF73 is 3dB and 4ft, whereas VHF74 is 4dB and 4'5ft for longer reach. VHF74 is just as strong and durable as VHF73, but it weighs less.


Also new 4G and WiFi antennas


Come by booth B06.109 and hear about the new high gain, wide band, long range 4G antenna LTE800WB.


We can also show you the new high gain, dual band WiFi antenna – so new that it doesn't have a name yet – let us know your suggestion and participate in a draw for a DAB radio.



Kind regards

SCAN Antenna Sales Team at SMM