NorShipping 2017 - SIZE Matters - New 9 dB Dual Band WiFi antenna

SIZE MATTERS - and we have world premiere for our new WIFI2B9 and AIS74 - sibling to VHF74.


The Dual Band, 2.4 and 5 GHz, WIFI2B9 offers outstanding performance of 9dB unprecedented with an antenna length of only 55 cm!


The AIS74 with 4 dB gain will be replacing the AIS73 and at a reduced price. AIS74 is as strong and durable as before, but it weighs less.


Come by and hear about our many wide band, long range 4G antenna solutions.


We also show the highly important full range of combined DAB / FM / AM antennas, very suitable for receiving Norwegian National radio including weather forecasts.


Looking forward to be seeing you - SCAN Marine Team: