Limited Offer on TELESAT Series of Antennas

We are introducing a limited offer of our best seller product TELESAT.


The TELESAT series of multiband antennas from SCAN Antenna has been a success even since its introduction. TELESAT is a rugged through-hole mount compact multiband antenna without a need of a ground plane. TELESAT is used both on trucks, trailers and cars and in M2M installations for SCADA systems.


TELESAT-5: Covers 5 frequency band enabling usage for 3G, UMTS, GSM and DECT systems.


TELESAT-6: Same as TELESAT-5 but with additional build-in GPS antenna.


TELESAT-7: Same as TELESAT-6 but with additional external WLAN antenna whip for enhanced performance.


TELESAT-8: Same as TELESAT-6 but with build-in dual-band WLAN antenna.


Contact your distributor to hear how you can benefit from our limited offer.