Large SATCOM order

SCAN Antenna A/S is again shipping a large order of Thuraya Active Omnidirectional SATCOM Antenna model 60101-000 to the maritime industry.

 60101 Active Thuraya

This will help fishermen to stay in contact with both colleagues at sea, partners on land and the family at home.


SCAN Antenna A/S has previously shipped thousands of these antennas to assist Filipino-seamen to stay in contact with the loved ones at home, while being away on the sea vessels from countries like Denmark and Japan.

“We are proud that our technology is selected both for life-line critical communication usage and for crew welfare, which is becoming more and more important worldwide”, says Ole Pflug, Managing Director of SCAN Antennas A/S.

“We are in a phase where we are growing all our three business segments, SATCOM, Maritime Communication Antennas and Land & Mobile Antennas. We are executing on an aggressive strategy we put in place early 2014, and will soon need more hand on board.”