GPS antennas

We have a large range of GPS antennas:


UniSat is a low profile very small – 12.5mm high, Ø 38.5 mm - universally mountable active GPS antenna. UniSat is ideal for tracking and navigation, where reliability and form factor are important. The antenna is designed for mounting in-car on dashboard (with adhesive pads or Velcro) or onto the windshield (with adhesive pad for the top of the antenna). Adhesive pads and Velcro are included depending on option ordered. Specified and produced to IP65 it can also be mounted on the roof of the car. UniSat is available in both 5V and 2.5V versions.


SatMag is like UniSat – but it is designed with built-in magnets making it well suited for temporary roof mounting.


GPS152 is an extra solid active GPS antenna. GPS152 is ideal for navigation and tracking where sturdiness and elegance must be combined. GPS152 is very simple to install and is available for mounting with adhesive pad or built-in magnets.


SatFix is our compact (Ø48mm) through-hole mounted antenna for navigation and tracking. The standard bolt-on SatFix allows for 90° angel of the cable immediately under the mount and hence reducing the tension in the cable and also allowing for hidden cables. Versions are also available for straight out cable connection. The housing is available in both black and white. SatFix is available in passive, 2.5V and 5V versions. Adhesive tape is standard for optimum sealing.


SatFix-FME has the same performance and dimensions as SatFix, but it has a FME(male) connector integrated in the base of the antenna for a simpler installation of the antenna. The longer stud can be used when there is a need to mount in thicker surfaces too.


SatMar is the maritime version of SatFix, especially designed to be mounted through deck. The solid construction of SatMar and SatFix types can easily withstand both the wear and physical stress from people stepping on them and the cleaning of the deck.