Global partnership!

It is with great pleasure that SCAN Antenna A/S today can announce the sealing of an agreement with grupoarbulu regarding maritime antennas.


“We are very proud that grupoarbulu has chosen us as their quality partner. We know that grupoarbulu thoroughly compared us with other high quality suppliers.” Says Ole Pflug, Managing Director of SCAN Antenna A/S.


“In grupoarbulu we are known for our excellent service and top quality product. By using SCAN Antenna products we know we can continue to promise our customers peace of mind.” says Iñaki Arbulu, CEO & MD of grupoarbulu.


SCAN Antenna A/S, a Danish manufacturer of high quality antennas, is located in Greater Copenhagen.


grupoarbulu (, a Spanish group and being the world's fastest growing group of marine electronics, is currently represented by Aage Hempel group, NAUTICAL, SMD, Marine Instruments, NAVTEAM and e3s. The group includes, member companies in 14 countries; among them are Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Morocco, South-Africa, Namibia, Malaysia, Ecuador and Panama.